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Tim's PC Music Machine
DJ Service for your dance or party.
Serving Pike County, IL and surrounding areas.

Providing DJ service consisting of music, lights, and personal service for events requiring some or all of the services I provide. I have a large selection of music for your event. If I don't have songs you would like to hear, I will try to get it for your event when you request it in advance. I have simplified the whole concept by using a computer and sound system. Requests are more than welcome.

Please Read: I will not be responsible for the language content of the music. I try to have edited versions of music, but not all songs have edited versions. Some songs can be offensive to certain listeners. If this happens and it is brought to my attention, I will stop the song immediately.

Pricing effective January 1, 2018

Music & Standard Lighting: $125.00 per hour.

Premium lighting is available for an additional charge. Click here for more information.

Travel in excess of 80 round trip miles will be charged @ $1.00 per mile.

A non-refundable deposit of $125 is required in advance to reserve a date.
Make checks payable to: Tim Bradshaw
Your deposit will be applied to the total balance after service is rendered.

The remaining balance is due immediately after service is rendered (no exceptions)

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Weddings and Receptions:

Please click on the “Forms” button to access the Word or Adobe Acrobat document forms.  Please print the form, fill out the form in its entirety and return it by e-mail or by mail no less than 7 days prior to the scheduled event. This form will provide me with various information such as contact information, songs for dances and a list of names for introductions, if applicable.

Tim Bradshaw
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Light & sound equipment requires a considerable amount of space.
Please contact me in advance to discuss the amount of space that will be required to accommodate the equipment for your venue.

Unruly behavior and violence will not be tolerated.

You are responsible for the actions of your guests including damage to any equipment.